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Joel Robinson LOCATION: Orange, California

The founder, executive director and head naturalist of our charity. He enjoys organizing natural and cultural history activities, playing musical instruments, foraging for food, barefooting, researching his heritage and spending time with his family.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Foraging, Ethnobotany (plant uses), Primitive Skills (friction fire, shelter building, etc.), Barefooting, Storytelling, Musical Performance, Living History Reenactment, Permaculture, Livestock Management, Habitat Restoration

LANGUAGES: English, Español basico (Basic Spanish), Cymraeg sylfaenol (Basic Welsh), Basic Tongva


jrobinson AT naturalist-for-you DOT org

Leslie & Sydney Robinson LOCATION: Orange, California

Leslie is a teacher's aid (wife of Joel Robinson) and Sydney (daughter of Leslie & Joel) is a student of life. They enjoy dance (especially ballet), wildlife watching (especially birds), reading books, family outings, rural life, playing music, preparing meals and taking care of chickens. Leslie helps manage our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Natural History, Cultural History, Plants, Birds, Farm Animals, Dance, Literature, Social Media

LANGUAGES: English, Español basico (Basic Spanish), Cymraeg sylfaenol (Basic Welsh), Basic Tongva


leslierobinson462 AT gmail DOT com
Julia Markey LOCATION: Anaheim Hills, California

Julia Markey is an educator, naturalist, nature photographer, graphic designer and artist who is passionate about making sure everyone has access to both science and the arts. She provides nature related content for the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Special Education, child development, North American birds, general wildlife interpretation and identification, nature photography, astrophotography, hiking and art.

LANGUAGES: English, Mexican Spanish (intermediate)

jmarkey AT ousd DOT org

Dawn Robinette LOCATION: Orange, California

A nature school educator for elementary aged students, especially homeschoolers. Other than spending time frolicking about in nature with children, she enjoys running daily as the sun rises, spending time in Wisconsin, seeing and learning about the world from the perspective of a child through homeschooling, playing with her two beagles, camping and meeting new people.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Foraging, Primitive Skills, Storytelling, Teaching Children, Architecture, Animals, Horseback Riding, Yoga



awnrobinette AT me DOT com
Chase Brown LOCATION: Rancho Santa Margarita, California

An educator. He enjoys barefooting, Morris dancing, climbing trees, foraging for food, studying languages and teaching children.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Ethnobotany (plant uses), Linguistics, Foraging, Permaculture, Wildlife Tracking, Tree Climbing, Primitive Skills (friction fire, shelter building, etc.), Morris Dancing, Teaching Children

LANGUAGES: English, Español basico (Basic Spanish), Basic Tongva


stopitchase AT gmail DOT com

Anthony Latora LOCATION: Huntington Beach, California

Herbalist and forager from Orange County. He's been studying medicinal plants for 7+ years and forages to make remedies or meals with the plants he encounters in our local area. His main goal is encouraging people to connect to the land, plants, animals and the history that we share in Orange county.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Herbalism, Foraging, Remedy Making, Cooking, Primitive Skills, Archery, Skateboarding, Bodysurfing, Photography Permaculture, Etymology, Music, History, Philosophy, Anthropology and Literature.



ajlatora90 AT gmail DOT com
Rami Anabtawi LOCATION: Dana Point, California

A licensed nurse. He volunteers for friends that facilitate nature connection. He dreams of barefoot hunter-gatherers.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Foraging, Ethnobotany (plant uses), Primitive Skills (friction fire, shelter building, etc.), Barefooting, Tracking, Improv

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic


anabtawirami AT gmail DOT com
Ryan Fawley LOCATION: Silverado Canyon, California

Owner of EMF Mitigators, a company that helps people avoid the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. He is a musician and drummer for Tommy Carns and the Brother Jonathan. He has a deep connection to the land and history of Southern California. He is dedicated to sharing his specialized knowledge and experiences with others in hopes that it will help us all to glow a little brighter.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Metaphysics, Natural Law, Ancient Society, Ancient Religion, Etymology, Local/Ancient Folklore, Geology, Ethnobotany, Horticulture, Music Performance/Instruction (Drums/Percussion, Guitar, Banjo).



ryan AT emfmitigators DOT com
Jennifer Sundell LOCATION: Silverado Canyon, California

Owner/CEO of Star eQuality Academy, special education teacher, college professor, professional vocalist/actor/dancer and outspoken advocate for equitable justice. Shares native bloodlines with both the Chumash and Tongva tribes. She is passionately dedicated to broadening both knowledge and perspectives of all people and dedicated to getting folks off their screens and into their own heads.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Sociology, Human Behavior, Human Development (birth to death), Neurology, Disabilities, Social Justice, Metacognition, Evolution, Etymology, Folklore, Ethnobotany, Homeopathy, Musical Theatre, Dance (tap, ballet), Music (singing, composition), Nutrition, Fitness

LANGUAGES: English, American Sign Language


jennifer.lynn.sundell AT gmail DOT com
Jarrod Comstock LOCATION: Perris, California

A member of the San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT). He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, teaching, playing music and developing his understanding of everything around him.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Botany, Primitive Skills (friction fire, shelter building, etc.), Tracking, Meteorology, Geology, Psychology



jarrod_comstock AT yahoo DOT com
Steffan Miller LOCATION: Orange, California

An all around swell guy. He enjoys night hikes, indigenous life ways and learning new things.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Ethnobotany (plant uses), Wildlife Tracking, Primitive Skills (fricton fire, shelter building, etc.)



steffan_miller AT hotmail DOT com
Jenessa Stemke LOCATION: San Jose, California

A plant biologist and horticulturist. She enjoys foraging, growing produce, studying meteorogy, snowshoeing, observing desert wildflowers and cycling long distances.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Botany, Foraging, Permaculture, Sustainability, Cycling

LANGUAGES: English, Español (Spanish), Français (French)


jenessa.stemke AT gmail DOT com
Julie Garner LOCATION: Orange, California

A paralegal for State Farm Insurance. She enjoys being outside, working with inner-city youth and taking time to appreciate her surroundings.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Natural History, Cultural History, Sierra Club - Inner City Outings, Arts, International Travel



avtrix AT sbcglobal DOT net

John Smith LOCATION: Rancho Santa Margarita, California

A retired tech professional. He enjoys hiking to waterfalls, visiting old mines, removing graffiti and litter, playing Native American flute and making new friends.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Botany, Cultural History (Mines), Waterfalls, Geology, Stewardship (Graffiti Removal), Wildlife Tracking



johns AT savoury DOT net

Scott Keltic Knot LOCATION: Trabuco Canyon, California

An activist, High School AP Spanish teacher and conscious hip hop artist. Listen: “Turn off the Sprinklers!” He is a member of the Tonantzin Collective.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Ethnobotany (plant uses), Cultural History, Permaculture, Self Defense, Social Justice, Conscious Hip Hop

LANGUAGES: English, Español (Spanish), Cymraeg sylfaenol (Basic Welsh)


scottkelticknot AT gmail DOT com

Adam Fanello LOCATION: Silverado Canyon, California

A professional in the tech industry. He enjoys spending time with his family, square dancing, walks in Silverado, taking care of chickens and natural silence.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Natural History, Dance



adam AT fanello DOT net
Dan Spurgeon LOCATION: Altadena, California

A hospice and palliative care physician and writer. He enjoys mindfulness meditation, visiting waterfalls and playing music. He is board president of our charity.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Natural History, Hospice/Palliative Care, Writing, Mindfulness Meditation, Positive Care Act



Daniel.R.Spurgeon AT gmail DOT com

R.J. Schwictenberg LOCATION: Tustin, California

A landscape maintenance supervisor in the City of Irvine. He enjoys growing produce, cultivating community and exploring nature. He is treasurer of our charity.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Ethnobotany (plant uses), Natural History, Cultural History, Permaculture, Drum Circles, Fungi, Social Justice



efgreen.1 AT juno DOT com

Kirk Pickler LOCATION: Fullerton, California

An art tech at Cypress College. He enjoys playing music, building experimental musical instruments, sculpting, backpacking, beekeeping, spending time with his wife and cat, native plant landscaping and growing produce.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Birding, Ethnobotany, Habitat Restoration, Natural History, Cultural History, Permaculture, Music, Art, Living History Reenactment

LANGUAGES: English, Español basico (Basic Spanish)


woodouse AT gmail DOT com
Patrick Mitchell LOCATION: Norco, California

A farm supervisor at Wayside Farm School in Castaic and author of the Santa Ana River Guide and Santa Ana Mountain History, Habitat & Hikes. He enjoys backpacking, spending time with his family and farming. He is secretary of our charity.

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Habitat Restoration, Botany, Natural History, Cultural History, Farming, Livestock Management, Writing



p.mitchell67 AT yahoo DOT com

Dana Point Sea Cave, Orange County, Southern California

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