Black Star Falls + Litter/Graffiti Removal

Sat, January 21, 2023 8AM - 2PM
13333 Black Star Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676  map
MUST SECURE RSVP: CALL 714-639-8480 or EMAIL with # in party to confirm participation.

Join Barefoot Joel on a strenuous 7-mile round-trip adventure up a flowing creek into a riparian (streamside) forest where rock pools and a waterfall await.  Stop frequently to identify plants, including winter wildflowers, food, medicine and materials.  Search for rare and sensitive riparian wildlife along the way, including newts, frogs, caddisfly larvae and snakes, and learn about their fascinating adaptations.  Splash through the creek. Scramble over boulders.  At the furthest point, lies a picturesque waterfall that carves out a sandstone cliff and comes out the mouth of a cave. Many encounters with poison oak. Bring a reusable bag to remove litter on the way back. We'll try to scrape off some of the graffiti on the rocks as well. Bring a lunch, snacks and plenty of water. Prepare to be soaking wet.  Difficulty: Strenuous.  Up and back. Roughly 7 miles round-trip, but feels like more.  Follow a formal trail for 2.5 miles and then follow the creek to the waterfall. End time depends on pace and capability of group. Rough terrain; loose rocks; lots of poison oak; fallen trees; multiple creek crossings; boulder scrambling; deep rock pools; flowing creek with varying depths.  PREPARE TO GET WET! Not recommended for those with medical or mobility issues. Follow link for more information about the natural and cultural history of Black Star:

RSVP: 714-639-8480 (landline) or  For more FREE public tours, tell us the location/topic (plants, wildlife, etc.) & the date/time when available.

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