'Listening' Hike @ Sycamore Canyon

Sun, December 11, 2022 9AM - 11AM
Sycamore Canyon Trailhead, 5040 Workman Mill Rd · Whittier, CA  map
MUST SECURE RSVP: CALL 714-639-8480 or EMAIL jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org with # in party to confirm participation.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can feel nice to stop and remember our presence. With so much activity (Whether outside or inside), we can sometimes get swept up by internal narratives and forget how we are feeling. To address this, we will be doing a beginner-friendly walk at Sycamore Canyon to practice 'listening'; not only to the external world, but also to our somatic senses. To develop a well-rounded relationship with ourselves and our own bodies can help us be more present in our lives, and it just so happens that there are lots of overwintering birds at Sycamore Canyon to be present with. This easy "up-and-back" walk is roughly 1-3 miles round-trip (depending on pace, interest, capability and time constraints) with minimal elevation gain (less than a hundred feet), a gradual ascent, pavement and dirt trail, uneven terrain, creek access and a mix of sun and shade. Carry food and beverage to appreciate along the way.

DONATIONS OPTIONAL: https://www.naturalist-for-you.org/donate
RSVP: 714-639-8480 (landline) or jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org.  For more FREE public tours, tell us the location/topic (plants, wildlife, etc.) & the date/time when available.

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