Look no further. We are prepared to guide you on a memorable journey through some of the most magical and biologically diverse places on earth!
To schedule a FREE tour or for more information, please email jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org.

Choose your program to enjoy...

Programs are designed as themed interpretive hikes or walks. There are regular opportunities for rest, hydration, meals, and observation of surroundings.

Stationary presentations (classroom, neighborhood, nature center/museum, etc.) are available upon request.

Easy mountain bike rides may be requested where appropriate.

Difficulty of hike or walk depends on location, length, and theme requested.

Private tours can be arranged upon request for a negotiated fee. Please contact Joel Robinson at jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org to arrange private tours.

Please visit our Resources page, which includes recommend books, websites, and apps.

Plants & Wildlife

Identify dazzling wildflowers. Wander through aromatic shrublands, lush woodlands, and cool creeks. Watch curious creatures employ unique adaptations to survive. Learn how you can give back to nature.
Cultural History

Travel back in time to when Native American tribes understood how to survive in their natural environment. Find out what plants and animals were used for medicine, food, and/or materials. Uncover ancient traditions amidst a tranquil setting.
Everything Tour

A wide range of topics, including natural and cultural history, ecology, geology, etc.
Specialty Tours

Tailored to your specific interest(s).

+ Birds
+ Scavenger Hunt
+ Storytelling
+ Music in Nature
+ Meditation
+ Watersheds
+ Reptiles
+ Botany
+ Family
+ Easy, Moderate, Strenuous
Do you need a professional naturalist to conduct an entertaining and educational nature tour, workshop or presentation for your organization, agency, club, family or community group? Our services include the following topics:
  • Plants & Wildlife/Ecology/Watersheds
  • Habitat Restoration/Holistic Resource Management/Permaculture
  • Storytelling/Living History/Folk Music
  • Foraging/Primitive Skills/Sustainable Living
Are you curious about a particular natural area near your neighborhood, but afraid to visit on your own? Are you a national or international tourist? Explore these areas with Naturalist For You:
  • Southern California
  • Central California
  • Scotland
  • Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Plus more...
Upcoming hikes/events:
  • Foraging, bug eating, waterfalls, night walks, mountain music jams, storytelling, primitive skills, homeschool field trips, public school presentations, wetlands, rivers and much more!

Naturalist For You is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in California, USA, & a charitable body, a SCIO registered in Scotland, with registration number SC045993.
Providing extraordinary wilderness experiences for everyone.
For naturalist inquiries, contact Joel Robinson: jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org
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